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If you have any holds on your record you will be able to see details about them on this page. Please note that some holds are sensitive and may not display on this page. There are some holds that will prohibit you from specific processes in the system.

Below is a description of some of the holds and how you may get them released.

Academic Advising
Indicates you need to file an advising plan. Please meet with your advisor and file a plan to release the hold.

Address Update
Indicates SOU does not have a current mailing or permanent address on file for you. Please update your address records located on the Personal Information menu to release the hold.

Course Evaluation
Indicates you have not completed all of your course evaluations. Please complete all of your course evaluations to release the hold.

Measles Immunization
Indicates you have not met immunization requirements. Please contact the Student Health and Wellness Center to complete immunization requirements and release the hold.

Non-admitted Student Status
Indicates you did not meet the non-admitted student criteria. Please contact the Enrollment Services Center for more information.

Residential Life
Indicates you have not completed conduct sanctions. Contact Residential Life to complete conduct sanctions to release the hold.

Revolving Charge Agreement
Indicates you have not signed the Revolving Charge Agreement. Please sign the Revolving Charge Agreement located on the Student Account menu to release the hold.

Significant Balance
Indicates you have a large outstanding balance. Please pay off this balance to release the hold.

Student Support Network
Indicates you need to meet with a member of the Student Support Network team. Please contact the Student Affairs office to determine what you need to do to release this hold.

Undeclared Major
Indicates you have reached 90 credits but have not declared a major. Please meet with an advisor and declare a major to release the hold.

University Seminar
Indicates you did not get a satisfactory grade in University Seminar. Please contact the University Seminar department to determine what you need to do to release the hold.

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